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Raising Finances For Your Small Business Start Up – Where to Look

There are many people out there who have the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ and want to start their own small business. So what are the best ways of raising finance for your small business? There are quite a few different options, but let us just discuss a couple of them.

First of all realise that there are basically two different methods of financing for your business, either debt or equity. You are either going to have to borrow the money from someone or some place and repay it, most likely with interest, or you will borrow the money in exchange for a piece of the company or business in return.

Loans- Many banks, building societies or other loan companies have the option to take out a small business loan in order to get your business up and running. You will have to provide some basic information about the company and maybe even have an accountant look over your business plan to make sure that everything is legitimate before you may qualify for a loan. These loans will then be paid back with interest over an agreed period of time.

Family and friends- Depending on the status of your friends and family, they may have a vested interest in your business or welfare, and as a consequence consider lending you some money to get your small business started. It is possible you could offer them some shares in your new company for any investment they make or you could borrow the money as a loan and agree a repayment program with them. It can be risky doing business with friends or family, so make sure you get the agreement on paper to make it official. Also, be aware that if conflict occurs down the line, it can put a lot of pressure on the relationships that you have with these close individuals.

Grants - You never know what your government has to offer. At times they are trying to boost the economy, so there may be some grants available to help finance your future business. Since it would be government funding, it would probably be wise to make sure you have some legal and financial support when submitting your application and business plans to them.

Investors- It does not have to be just friends and family who may be willing to offer financial assistance when starting your small business. Create a detailed and convincing business plan, with projections, and go out and search for some external investors. Indeed, many people are searching for ways of how to invest their money. Again, you may decide to offer shares in your business or agree a loan amount with them and pay it back with interest.

Follow the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ and find the means to the end as far as obtaining finance for your new business. Look at all your options and make sure you consider all of the costs, whether they are future interest charges, profit being paid-away to shareholders/business partners or other non-financial costs of such as potential conflict with friends or family.

The Basics of Marketing for a Small Business

When we think of marketing for a business, we do not need to scale down our expectations for marketing tools as well. Just because our business is small doesn’t mean we have to think small in marketing. This does not automatically translate into having to spend more. It just means making more use of our resources and being creative too.

Marketing for a business can take on many forms. The traditional media outlets such as radio, print and television are all tried and tested modes. Though reliable, getting ads or commercials out can be quite expensive.

For a start up business, you do want to get noticed right away without having to spend so much. Since you’re still probably paying off financing schemes for your business, you want to be aggressive in earning right away without risking too much in terms of expenses.

Good marketing for a business means making the most of your resources and identifying your target clients. Build a good base locally before you think of spreading out. Online resources are the best for this since they are low cost or even free at times. Social networking sites are perfect since you already have an existing network of contacts. Homemade videos can be made with good quality through free editing software and uploaded on the internet.

Marketing for a small business also takes advantage of word of mouth, which is especially true for local stores. As people spread word of your business around, you get more and more clients coming in who want to give you a shot.

For example, food stalls would often be located in busy streets or buildings because foot traffic will translate to better sales. They market their business through colourful signs as well as nice smelling food. By transforming this basic idea to your own business, you can have a successful strategy.

Marketing and paying off financing schemes

Marketing for a small business can only go as far as letting your business be well known. A good business will always depend on good quality of service in order to sustain your business. When your product is already of high quality and is well known, the marketing for a small business will take care of itself.

Marketing for a business is important as it supports your business in paying off financing schemes. Whether you have opted to take out loans or equipment leasing, a good marketing strategy makes your product well known enough to be sold.

Marketing for a small business is often a cycle, you do need a solid foundation that your business will deliver and a solid and adaptable marketing plan to get your product across. Marketing for a business should translate into higher sales, loyal clientele and better modes to pay off financing, loans or leasing.

Accounting for Marketing Expenses

If you do need to spend for marketing for a small business then do take due consideration of the expenses incurred. Study your accounting and see if you can afford to go for a marketing scheme such as this. List down also the expenses incurred and make sure this is receipted well. This is so you can deduct this as a business expense.

By balancing marketing expenses with good accounting practices, you can be sure to maximize your earnings for your business.

Marketing for a small business is exciting since it makes your product known and drives up sales. Remember though that for marketing for a small business is just the first step, a good product is always the best marketing tool.

Business Cash Advances – Help for Small Businesses

If you own a small business, did you know that you can obtain small business funding to help you grow and expand your business? How this works is that if your business qualifies, you can obtain a cash advance for small business owners.

Qualified merchants receive an immediate business cash advance that they repay through a direct deduction from their future credit card receipts. Typical advances are repaid within 6 to 8 months.

Merchant cash advances are a relatively new innovation in the small business finance industry that is rapidly growing in popularity. Unlike a traditional bank loan, the process for applying for a merchant advance is simple and fast.

Businesses do not need to provide personal guarantees or collateral to receive an advance. Repayment is based on a percentage of the merchant’s future credit card receipts. Lastly, merchants may use the advance for any business purpose.

A small business can receive a cash advance from $2500 to $600,000. It is considered to be an advance on a credit card, and you pay it back through your future credit card receivables. You can receive the cash advance in as little as 10 working days.

Finally, there is a way to obtain the small business working capital you need, even after you have been turned down by traditional lending institutions, such as banks. So even if banks have turned you down, don’t lose hope. Getting a merchant cash advance may be in your future. To learn more, read the facts at to see if you qualify for a small business cash advance.